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With more and more companies launching web hosting services with the label “Managed WordPress Hosting”, it is important to know what is it and how it will be beneficial. While experienced guys are not bothered it, there are lot of newbies who will get confused by this term. Today I will explain Managed WordPress Hosting in detail.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

In simple words, it is nothing but a type of Shared hosting which is said to be optimized for running WordPress. Then naturally the question arises, should all WordPress site owners select it? The answer is a Big NO. Just see the claim of Godaddy about their managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting: More than a fancy name

You get paid for managing a client site’s every detail. With Managed WordPress Hosting doing the administrative heavy lifting, all your detail bases are covered:
  • Automated WordPress installation lets you start building your client’s site on an optimized platform in minutes.
  • Automated WordPress core updates ensure your clients’ sites have the most secure version and latest features.
  • Nightly backups are kept safe for 30 days, so you can restore a client site with a single click.
  • Extra security features protect against spam, bots, brute force login and DDoS attacks, so your client sites keep humming along.  

If you go through the features given above, you will come to know that almost all these features are already provided by an ordinary Shared Hosting with CPanel. The features which seems to be beneficial are the Nightly backups and Extra Security features as mentioned by Godaddy. Automatic Updates of WordPress installation can be set easily from CPanel.

godaddy managed wordpress hosting

Some basic information about Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Plans  are given belowgodaddy managed wordpress hosting plans

The prices of Managed WordPress Hosting Plans are almost equal to ordinary CPanel Shared Hosting.

Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting

Hostgator is probably the newest among big Web Hosting providers who entered into the Managed WordPress Hosting business. Their official website claims the below features.

2.5X Faster

  • Experience up to 2.5X faster load times due to super charged cloud architecture, low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers
  • Your website content is managed more efficiently, enabling dynamic content requests to be processed lightning-fast
  • WordPress Cloud hosting turbocharges your website!

Hostgator Manged  WordPress Hosting Plans Prices are as below.

Hostgator managed wordpress hosting

It is worth to mention that Hostgator provides a  FREE migration service which will transfer your existing WordPress site to them.

Managed WordPress FTP Access

Both Godaddy and Hostgator do not provide a traditional CPanel access to the customers of managed WordPress Hosting. Hostgator provides a trimmed down version of a typical web based control panel with only the basic features.

Managed WordPress Migration

Think about the situation in which you are planning to migrate your website out of Managed WordPress Hosting or to another web host. You can not use the traditional method of taking the backup of database and files and upload in the new host. Instead you will have to use a managed WordPress migration plugin like WP Clone which will clone any WordPress website. Also if the migration was within the same host, the customer support may help you to make the process seamless.

Final Verdict

If you plan to have just a WordPress website and do not bother about tweaking the databases or other features of hosting account, Managed WordPress Hosting is suitable for you. Other wise if you want to access hosting files through FTP and loves to use the robust vast features of CPanel, you should go for ordinary Shared Hosting only.

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