How to select a cheap web hosting which does not compromise on speed and security? Selecting a cheap web hosting provider helps you in cutting down the operating costs of your website.It helps to maximize the profit share in your consolidated income from the website. I tried a handful of them and below are the Cheap Web Hosting Providers which I found worth trying for your website.

Cheap Hosting Basic Plan Price Main Features Moneyback Guarantee Bandwidth Details
1and1 hosting $0.99/month One Free Domain registration,
Host Unlimited websites and E-mail Accounts,Unlimited Space,
20 Databases,Cpanel
1 month Unlimited
godaddy hosting $1/month with our coupon One Free Domain registration,
DDoS protection,Cpanel,100GB Space
1 month Unlimited
cheap web hosting $9.88/year Advanced RAID, 3 Websites,100% uptime SLA,CPanel,20GB Space 1 month Unlimited
Points to be noted while going for a cheap web hosting account.
  • Cost: The most important factor in selecting a web host.
  • Speed: Make sure that your hosting provider offers good speed. Cheap Web Hosting which can not provide decent speed is worthless.
  • Security: The web hosting company should provide good measures of protection against attacks and data loss.
  • Support: Hosting Company should provide top class support.

Shared Hosting is obviously the best option if you are going for a cheap web host. All the above mentioned web hosts are industry leaders. They are perfectly suitable if you are aiming at starting a small to medium resource website. But if your website is having lot of resource hungry contents like java scripts, images and videos and many thousands of visitors per day, you should go for more costly shared web hosting such as Hostgator or a VPS like DigitalOcean or Vultr. Using our coupons and tricks, you can get them also at comparatively cheap rates.

You can try the above hosts or if you have any specific queries regarding web hosting, just ask as by commenting below. We will try to help you with proper recommendations.

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